COME DOWN TO BIRD FIELD ANY DAY from 9AM - 5PM  and you will most likely find members flying there.  Flying activity increases on the week-end.  Set your GPS to read 853 Bird River Beach Road Middle River, MD. Turn into our drive and follow the road and park beside or behind club house.

"Weather Report for pilots from Glenn L.Martin Airport"

Paying Membership Dues:

Sunday Flyers annual dues are $125 first year and $85 after that. You can pay first year in $20 monthly installments. Dues expire in May. When you reach the age of 62, that total will reduce to $75 and when you reach the age of 65 and have been a member for the preceding five consecutive years, your Sunday Flyers dues are $50. Last opportunity to pay dues without incurring another initiation fee of $40 is by the next May Club Meeting.

Mail a check made out to Sunday Flyers and a self addressed stamped envelope to :

Bill Polhamus
8 Ranger Ct.
Baltimore, MD 21234

If you bring your pet to the field, YOU must keep your pet on a leash.
Keep the pet off of the field and be prepared to clean up their droppings.
If someone points out a pile of droppings, please clean it up without a fuss.



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Call Dave Novak
Cell #
Fee $70

May be more depending on
Distance and complexity.



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