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Sat, Sept. 17, Noon at Bird Field


September 18

Annual Club Picnic
Merritt Point Park

Someone damaged the pier we normally fly from.  The county has a fence keeping traffic off the damaged and rotting pier.

Thanks to JR, we have located a perfect spot with a pavilion and a pier pretty much around the corner from where we normally meet......
This year's picnic will be at Chesterwood Park (off of Peninsula Expressway).

Take normal route to Merritt Point Park.  From Merritt Blvd, take a left on to Peninsula Expressway (well marked above the roadway).
Then take first right into Chesterwood Park.  We will be at Pavilion 5.
It's the closest to the pier.

Mapquest to chesterwood park

October 1
FARM Float Fly #2
will be held at Lake Ritchie.
CD will be Nic Burhans. Fauquier Aero Recreation Modelers
Bealeton, VA. http://www.farmclubrc.com/

Eric Larson
1st Nitro Flight of 2016

Bob Kelch
1st Electric Flight of 2016

Mike Smith
Last Crash of 2015

Eric Larson
First Crash of 2016


John Coffey's
First flight on snow

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