Sunday Flyers Rules – (Not Many)

  Flying Rules:

        • Must have AMA card prior to Flying at Sunday Flyers field

        • After three visits, must be a Sunday Flyers member to fly at
           Sunday Flyers field

        • Place Frequency Pin on antenna before turning your radio on

        • If you do not have the Frequency Pin, impound your radio

        • No unsupervised flying prior to soloing

  Field Rules:

       • Whatever trash you develop at the field, take it home with you

       •Don’t bring items to the field to leave there without asking
          the president first

       • No children in the Pit Area

       • All pets to be on a leash

       • Pick up your pet’s droppings

       • If you aren’t flying, don’t park on the flight line

       • If first to field, re-lock the lock onto the gate. Prevents the lock
          from walking

       • If last to leave, lock the gate. Put lock through both gate loops

       • Don’t share the gate combination with anyone

       • You will be asked to help at some club event during the course
          of the year. If you are unwilling to help, you may be charged
          another $30 for your next membership card. Those unable to
          help won’t be asked.


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